Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dreaming quietly.

A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that is not read (the Talmud)

Thank you Rachel for waking me from a long slumber (as far as this blog is concerned), and before I forget - to anyone else who might drop in - do follow the link, hear some music I don't know about, and support a new blogger who is going places.

Back to work. The Talmud quote above is arrant nonsense. The publishers of such texts make their living by lying to simple people for their own ends.

For sure all our sleeping dreams indicate something about our inner selves - but these selves are called 'inner' because we do not know them, and to guess at what is going on in them by pondering our dreams is futile. And dangerous, especially if we consult self-serving religious texts, or other ignorant publishers.

I think Rachel is partly right when she says "

 I feel like dreams leave little clues in your head about what's coming. I don't know if its because while you're asleep your subconscious has the chance to over analyze facts without being tainted by the conscious side of your brain's interpretation... " 

Clues about what's been happening perhaps, not what's coming - the future has not happened yet. But certainly not tainted by the conscious or logical side.

In times when I have been able to wake slowly and allow recent dream clips to pass from the short-term to the long-term memory, my experience has been that logic and continuity are  rare, and that dreams are mostly short random episodes, and so garbled as to be almost impossible to recall.   The exceptions, in my case, are usually so entertaining that I  lie quietly  in the attempt to retrieve as much as possible.

Does anyone share my experience that when relaxing for sleep, thoughts often become garbled, and this is recognized by the still conscious mind - in my case usually pulling me back into a fully conscious state.  When I am thinking about whatever's on my mind at this time, the 'voice' behind the thoughts is mine.  But then the voice changes, the thoughts are no longer mine, and ALWAYS nonsense.  Fascinating - but it can be annoying if you just want to sleep.         Please friends, if you can, post something on this subject for me to reblog, or leave a long comment here.  Just to keep my mind off religious matters you understand......

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